Innate immunity acquired at birth presents is considered the first line of defense and includes an entire army of cells like epithelial cells, macrophages, NK, plasma proteins complements and cytokines. It was found that this immunity changes with aging and the ability to phagocytose pathogens decreases and this leads to inability to fight tumors.  Natural Killer (NK) is part of the innate immune system that fights infected and malignant cells. Stimulating NK is being investigated for cancer prevention treatments. How can we better activate the NK cells and stimulate innate immunity? Studies suggest that resveratrol could activate NK cells. Resveratrol (tans 3,4,4 trihydroxystilbene) can be found in many plants including grapes, berries, tomatoes and has been attributed anti cancerous properties. The mechanism of action is through suppression of NF-kappaB, JNK, MAPK, Akt, PKC, PKD and down regulates COX-2, VEGF, IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, 5-LOX.

Other studies suggest resveratrol suppresses the STAT3 and inhibits JAK2 phosphorylation, and downregulates anti apoptotic proteins MCL1. Another studied effect of Resveratrol is that modulates sphingolipid metabolism. The benefic effect of Resveratrol has been considered as a support therapy even when employing conventional therapy like chemotherapy.

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