I create blends of synergistic blends of Sacral herbs to open pathways, bring balance and refresh the Soul. Plants have been used for centuries for purification and spiritual awakening, to amplify heart energy, to experience the transcendent power of love, compassion and self-healing. Plants grants powers to expend intuition, lucid dreams, build resilience, explore the mystery of heart desire.


Rosemary– has a reputation of strengthening the mind and memory. Was used as symbol of fidelity for new lovers. Astrological Ruler: SUN, MERCURY. Symbolism: MIND

Sage-the name comes from Latin name of Salvia meaning to save. This plant embodies the Spirit of purification, sacred gift and it is used as holy plant. It helps navigate darkness. Astrological Ruler: MOON, JUPITER.  Symbolism: BLESSING

Pau D’ Arco-commonly known as taheebo or lapacho from beautiful trees from South America. Has been used as blood tonic, digestive and menstrual imbalances, anemia, cold, flu, arthritis, cancer. It is considered the protection of the sacred and rebuild anew triggering metamorphosis. Astrological Ruler: MOON, PLUTO. Symbolism: METAMORPHOSIS

Mugwort-known as Artemisia Vulgaris and used for psychic healing. Historically, has been used as a protection against the evil spirit, dark energy and it is associated with intuition, dreams and unconscious mind. Under the rule of the Moon this plant carries psychic abilities for the occult and symbolizes the mystical findings. Mugwort gives the strength to work with our shadow and protects from parasitic entities. Astrological Ruler: Moon, Neptune. Symbolism INTUITION

Hibiscus– in ancient world it was used to lower body temperature, as diuretic and treat heart. Its astringent properties help heal wounds and incisions. It is associated with feminine power, grace and creativity. It is known to dissolve blockages at the first and second energetic centers chakra 1 and 2nd. Astrological Ruler: Venus, Pluto. Symbolism JOY.

Yarrow- known as Achilea Millefolium. It was used to heal the wounds and bleeding in Roman times. It is associated with balance, nourished psychic shield and divinatory empathy. Astrological Ruler: Venus. Symbolism HEALING

Nettle- has been used to treat pain from arthritis, rheumatism due to anti histamine response. As embodies Mars represents our will to survive, to pursue, to act. Astrological Ruler: Mars, Pluto. Symbolism: POWER TO TRANSMUTE

Milk Thistle- acts a powerful anti-inflammatory of the liver. In magic ritual was associated with protective powers and give courage. Astrological Ruler: Mars, Moon. Symbolism: PROTECTIVE

Cat’s Claw- has been used for thousands of years for asthma, inflammation, urinary tract, bone pain, diabetes, viruses, and environmental toxicity. It has the reputation to protect our blood, to remove blockages, trauma. Assisting healing as we rewrite our story. Know your path is loved and supported by life.  Astrological Ruler: Mars, Pluto. Symbolism: PURIFICATION

Passionflower-it is associated with the Passion of Christ. Has been used as antispasmodic, hypnotic, anxiolytic. It helps with insomnia, mood disorders, headaches, menstrual cramps, muscle spasm, pain,  neuralgia, diarrhea. Has the reputation to calm and clear the Spirit. Symbolizes surrender, sacrifice, and crucifixion of the ego. Astrological Ruler: Neptune, Moon. Symbolism: SURRENDER

Compfrey- known as boneset and Symphytum officinale. Has been used to heal broken bones and stop heavy bleeding. Promotes the healing of the skin and musculoskeletal. Comfrey represents wholeness, completion and unification of the past, present and future energy. Ruled by Saturn assists in restoration, repair and endurance. Astrological ruler: Saturn. Symbolism: WHOLENESS

Lavender– has been used for menstrual cramps, indigestion, headaches, upset stomach. It is a nervine and assists in calming, boost mood, relieves pain. Embodies Mercury energy and opens the mental channels. Helps communicate from a higher alignment. Astrological Ruler: Mercury. Symbolism: CALM

Motherwort– known as Leonurus cardiaca or “lionhearted”. Associated with benefits for cardiovascular system, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations. Spiritually known for building inner trust and confidence. Helps to accept and transmit our heart desire and protection from evil. Astrological Ruler: Venus. Symbolism: STRENGTH

Saint John Wort- represents feeling of protection, optimism, prosperity, Success. Ruled by the Sun which is the source of all life and represents life energy itself. Latin name Hypericum perforatum, Hypericum means to “place above the altar”. In old times was used to protect against witchcraft and psychic energy. For many centuries was used as a remedy against depression, anxiety, would healing, viruses and spiritual protection. Saint John Wort gives us the spiritual courage of fire to navigate the death of the old self. Building resilience against the scarcity, fear and low moods that inhibit you from walking your truth. Symbolism: PROTECTION

Ginkgo- Symbolizing strength, resilience, and survival. Traditionally brew as a tea for gastrointestinal disorders, heart problems and cognitive disorders. Stimulate new ideas, vision, mental clarity and resilience. Helps create changes in conscious, overcome the darkness, stay dynamic, and not allow the negativity to cloud judgment. Astrological ruler: Mars, Uranus. Symbolism: BREAKTHROUGH