According to Paracelsus, “The medicine must be prepared in the stars, and that the stars will become the medicine for it is they that complete the work of the physician.” 

I am fascinated about the Astral powers and their connection with metaphysical world. My lifetime study and working with botanicals give me the experience of how to employ them to improve health and happiness. When combining the healing power of botanicals with astrology MAGIC happens.

Discovering through card spreads meaning of symbolism of your life and your transformational journey through the archetypal energies. Weather you are seeking the direction for your life, or finding more meaning in a soulmate relationship Herb Astrology can lead to some actions and qualities based on “as above, so below.” I believe in healing through images, faith, botanicals, words and symbolism. I believe you can draw upon universal forces to transmute the environment, people and situations. I believe you can channel and transmit your heart’s desire when you live in alignment with the right direction.  With Herb Astrology discover where you are today on the wheel of life, your energetic manifestation and your botanical resonance through archetypal symbols to build positive expectation. In addition, you may opt for a personalized herb blend.

What knocks at your door?

It is known as the Doctrine of Signatures. The Creator has left a mark or “signature” on every plant in the world to show what it is used for. The alchemist physician Paracelsus in a 6th century who noticed how the appearance of plants so often reflects their qualities for example the seeds of skullcap resemble small skulls and, it turns out, are effective at curing headache, or that Willow plant which grows in damp places, heals rheumatic conditions, which are caused by damp and the build-up of fluid on the joints. Another example, many liver remedies have yellow flowers, those for the nerves (blue), for the spleen (orange), for the bones (white). Serpentaria (Rauwolfia) resembles a snake and is an old traditional remedy for snake-bite.